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    DNS Not Resolving – Wordpress

    I recently (today) transferred my domain to GoDaddy. I was using the temporary Wordpress url that GoDaddy offers when you purchase their basic Wordpress plan while I was setting up my site, and now that I am ready for it to go live, I chose to change the domain to the now transferred one. But I keep getting a "DNS Not Resolving error". 


    One thing to note is that I currently have an older html site hosted through Web.com. Is that why the DNS error is occurring? I thought that since I transferred my domain and have the Wordpress site through GoDaddy that it would be pretty seamless with making it go live and override the current site.


    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Helper II

    Hello there! Welcome to GoDaddy!


    We're here to help you... to solve your problem it seems your DNS is not resolving that fast. By changing your domain or transferring it, your DNS will propagate in some time. Sometimes it takes 42 to 72 hours depending on your situation. 


    Check your DNS if it is available in the different country.


    After that, if it is available then you're fine it is not the issue is your method to transfer or some errors might be causing it. So if that okay and all country are in green color then let's do the fix with your DNS.

    Open your CMD or Terminal and Flush Your DNS. How to do that?

    Go here: https://www.whatsmydns.net/flush-dns.html

    Then, after that manually change your DNS in your machine... if you're using windows then here's how to do it.


    Go here: https://www.techbout.com/dns-probe-finished-nxdomain-error-chrome-26223/


    If you need more help... please let me know... 🙂