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    Error with upgrading PHP version

    Hello all,

    Recently I created a staging site to test if my production site will work on the new PHP 7+ versions. My website is currently on PHP 5.6.

    However, I could only access the staging site with PHP 5.6, and any other higher versions will just give me this error:

    PHP update error.png
    Since I have no technical knowledge, can someone guide me on what could have gone wrong? 

    Note: Core, Plugin, and Theme are all synced.
    Staging setting.png
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    Super User I
    Super User I

    Re: Error with upgrading PHP version

    Hello @NonTechGuy ,


    I'm curious, are you running any security plugins (WordFence, Succuri) on the WordPress site? Sometimes if those are enabled and making a big change like that can affect the website due to your security settings. 


    You might disable or put in learn mode during the change, so the security plugins can recognize the PHP being used on the website. 


    Hopefully, that helps some. 


    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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    Super User III

    Re: Error with upgrading PHP version



    I would suggest the following

    1) using the SFTP info for the staging site login and edit the wp-config.php

    2) Change WP_DEBUG, 'false'   to WP_DEBUG, 'true'


    After about 5 minutes you "should" be able to refresh the site and display the error of why it's not loading. This can tell you what plugin maybe having an issue, or if the clone failed along the way and you don't have a good copy.


    Hope this helps

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