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    Exhausted ...with Lag on MWPHosting?

    Alright so everyone here seems to be having the same issue.
    Well i have another website hosted on godaddy under deluxe hosting and it seems to be working great i've had the site for years no problems....

    But as soon as i opened new wordpress site similar to the one i already have.
    And used the Managed WordPress Feature now i constantly get timed out, blank pages during updates. I can't even add a new post without getting this (screen shot below)

    And no i don't want to hear any theme blames or plugin blames it's the server.
    Can we get a fix for this? ... or am i just going to have to switch hosting this pretty much makes my site useless. I've noticed the only fix for members in this forum is "i've switched hosting companies" well i'm trying to stick it out before i do that option.

    Please don't merge my thread just let me know what the problem is. Be upfront with your paying customer thanks.


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    Hi @ViralFire,


    This is a community forum and your issues are account specific so would be best directed straight to support. Support don't read these posts necessarily. 

    Please contact support.