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    Extremely Slow Loading - Repeated 502 + 503 Errors – Hidden Drop-in Plugin object-cache.php

    For the past few weeks, one of my sites has been loading extremely slowly, loading with no stylesheets, sometimes not loading at all; I was repeatedly getting 502 and 503 errors; even the less taxing admin end of the site would not load properly. I've built twenty WP sites, 19 of them on GoDaddy, and I know the whole routine for sites that are not performing. I tried everything (disabling plugins, flushing cache, checking the theme, etc etc). My other company also hosts websites and I know when a server is not performing...  I really believed it was GoDaddy’s server, because I had tried absolutely everything else. 

    I contacted GoDaddy and they insisted it wasn’t the server (they were right!) ...I was pretty furious and disappointed because I had already checked absolutely everything on my end. I thought for sure I had some noisy neighbor on the shared server eating up all the resources, or some other server issue... 

    Then today I noticed something I had never seen before!

    I was disabling all of my plugins (for the third freaking time) trying to find something that would get the site to work, and I noticed there was a “drop-in plugin category in addition to “installed plugins and "must use plugins" -- Drop-in plugin -- What the hell is that??  There was a plugin in it called “object-cache.php APCu Object Cache.” 

    Long story short - I researched it and found that GoDaddy decided to add this plugin to their managed WordPress sites...  but it's basically hidden. It's not located in any plugin folder - it's in the main WP directory. I FTP'd in to my site and deleted it from the directory and BAM! My site is working perfectly now. 

    I hope this post helps other people who have been driven insane by this issue and who’ve been arguing with GoDaddy support for weeks like I was.... On one hand, I want to apologize to the support guy that insisted that the problem was a plugin on my site. He was right! On the other hand, I hope GoDaddy Support will mention this plugin to people with this issue - when someone has gone through all of their plugins and EVERY single item on their website with a fine tooth comb  - Ask them if they know about the mysterious APCu Object Cache plugin! 

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    Re: Extremely Slow Loading - Repeated 502 + 503 Errors – Hidden Drop-in Plugin object-cache.php




    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.

    Re: Extremely Slow Loading - Repeated 502 + 503 Errors – Hidden Drop-in Plugin object-cache.php

    I agree with you! 


    I was so frustrated from how long it took me to solve it. If I had only known about this plugin I could have solved it on the first day! Hopefully this post helps others!