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    Getting timeout error when trying to use WP Admin with staging site on a wireless network

    I recently set up a new domain and I am building a website using Managed Wordpress Hosting.  I am doing the configuration on a staging site.  I am able to access the WP Admin panel for the  staging site when I have my laptop connected with a CAT5 cable directly to my cable modem.  However, if I try to access the WP Admin panel if my laptop is connected to our home's wireless network through our router, I get a timeout error. 


    I was able to access the staging site with my laptop through a wireless network at a nearby business.  I was also able to connect to WP Admin for the staging site through my smart phone (Verizon is the carrier).  I tried logging into the staging site using one of the other PCs in our home that also connects to the Internet through our wireless network and I got the same timeout message. 


    Is there something I can change in the configuration settings for our router so I am no longer blocked from accessing WP Admin for the staging site if I want to do work through the wireless network?  I have been all through the Linksys Router management software but nothing jumps out at me as a setting I can change to resolve this.  I want to be able to work from multiple locations around the house and not be tethered within x feet of our cable modem.

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