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    GoDaddy Hosting problem

    I found out the other day they been selling me an old hosting panel, then today i try to install a website and it wont install, but 2 days ago, was able to install one with no problem, but after i call in and the guys tells me i have an old hosting panel, all of a sudden i cant install website. this company us worse than the cable companies,  unscropulus and so obvious, I moving to host gator after over 10 years with goddays these crooks. Good thing i already have my really important websites with host gator. been with them a little over a year and have never had to call them until today to find out how much to transfer 100 domain names.

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    Hi @100DOMAINS ,


    Welcome to the Community,

    Unfortunately, there are a number of customers that have failed to upgrade their hosting plans over the years, only to be told by GoDaddy customer support that the system can no longer support their needs. As applications and websites require higher versions of internal software, it's necessary to migrate your content to newer hosting plans. GoDaddy has made several updates to these older servers to ensure their function, but - just like PCs and smart phones - changing technology means the server can only be updated so far. Eventually you'll have to move to a new server if you wish to run on current software.


    You certainly can choose to host at another provider, or ask the GoDaddy teams how you can save time and money by moving to a newer, better plan. 



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