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    Community Team

    GoDaddy Payments is live in Managed WordPress Ecommerce

    You might already know that you can add GoDaddy Payments to your Websites + Marketing Ecommerce store or add the plugin to your WordPress site.


    Our next step in making it easier to sell online is integrating GoDaddy Payments with WooCommerce on our Managed WordPress hosting. We're excited to announce that this feature launched for new Managed WordPress Ecommerce plans yesterday!


    What does it mean for you?


    Any new Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting plans purchased after 6/1/2021 will have GoDaddy Payments available to set up in WooCommerce. 

    You don't have to install any extra plugins or extensions to use it.


    Some benefits of using GoDaddy Payments for WooCommerce sites are:


    • Straight forward payment processing at 2.9% + $0.30 rates.
    • Support for subscriptions and pre-orders.
    • PCI compliant payments.
    • POS integration to link online & offline transactions (COMING SOON)




    Right now, this is only available on new WordPress Ecommerce plans.

    Soon, we will be adding it to other new Managed WordPress plans (non-Ecommerce), too. We'll keep you posted!


    Where to find GoDaddy Payments in WooCommerce


    Once you've set up your new site, just find WooCommerce on the side menu in the admin dashboard. Select Settings from the list under WooCommerce, and go to the Payments tab.







    Got feedback about GoDaddy Payments in ManagedWordPress WooCommerce?

    Feel free to drop a comment here.* We'd love to hear what you think.


    * If you have a technical issue with Managed WordPress or with GoDaddy Payments in Managed WordPress, please contact support. We want you to be helped as quickly as possible. 



    Want to know more about Managed WordPress?

    You can find it on our WordPress Hosting product page:




    Angela B - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
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