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    Former Employee

    How To Migrate A WordPress Site From Standard Hosting To Managed WordPress Hosting - Tutorial

    Mdwpsyd wrote,

    I stumbled across a web page and accompanying video that shows how to do it from start to finish. The guy explains it in a very understandable way, showing you the screen as he does it (in the video - screen shots on the web page). Highly recommended!

    In fact, I think GoDaddy should link to his video. He praises GoDaddy in the vid, even though he has his own company (or works for a company, I don't know).

    Here is the web article - "How to Migrate to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting":


    And the accompanying video:


    I suggest starting with the video, and refer to the article (web page) if needed.”


    JMPepper wrote,

    “Before you update your temporary domain to a live one the one that is going live cannot be hosted.  Essentially, you have to complete all of your A-record and IP assignments before trying to make the domain live.  You will also need to rename (or reassign) your domain for c-Panel hosting installation.  This way you can keep all of your data around until you are sure that all is working well.  I often take one of the TDL's (.net, org, biz) as my temporary backup. Not knowing this ahead of time can really slow things down.

    As far as migrating sites, I've had a couple of hiccups with the GoDaddy migration plugin.  However, I've used the UpDraftPlus.com backup and migration suite for years.  Its a GoDaddy approved plugin and has worked when the GoDaddy migrator did not.

    The other consideration before shutting down hosting is your email and other services associated with your account and domain.  Do not close the hosting account until you are sure that your email hosting doesn't disappear with the c-panel hosting. Had this one bite me one time!”

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