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    How many Managed Wordpress sites do I need?

    Hello! I recently took over a Wordpress design job that was originally started by someone else, so I'm a little fuzzy on how it was all set up.


    There are currently three sites: the main site (fodsupport.org), the secondary site (bereavedparent.com) and a temporary URL site (86.7e0.myftpupload.com), which is where I was working.


    The temporary URL site is intended to eventually replace the main site. However, only the temporary site and the secondary site are Ultimate Managed Wordpress sites.


    Do I need to purchase a third Managed Wordpress site for fodsupport.org in order to push the temporary site onto it? Or is there a way to transfer it somehow?


    Right now when I try to push it out of the staging area it tries to replace the secondary site instead. I don't see a way to change that.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey there @fodgroup,


    The Ultimate MWP package supports 2 live sites and 2 staging sites. If you want that third site to be a live site, you would need to purchase another plan and put the third site there. 

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