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    How to downgrade managed wordpress version 4.7 to 4.6.1

    HI Guys having issue in Compatibility need to downgrade managed bushiness word-press to 4.6.1 version advice how to do it. need solution as soon possible appreciate thanks.

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    Hello @kamranbarki! Welcome to the community! Please note that Managed WordPress core updates are done automatically and can't be reverted. You could possibly restore to another version from backups made within the past 30 days, but the core update would automatically apply at some point (soon) afterwards though. Ultimately you'd be better off pinpointing what isn't working with the new upgrade then fix that accordingly. 


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    I am pretty sure major x.x WordPress core updates are not automatically performed and must be manually done. Only minor versions like 4.6 to 4.6.1 for example are automatically performed. At least I hope you're not updating to 4.7 automatically! That would not be a good thing -- many issues out there with certain themes not being compatible.

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    I did not know that the automatic update of core wordpress cannot be disabled in Managed Wordpress from the beginning and to know now is quite disheartening. I have a very important plugin that comes with the theme and it does not work well with wordpress 4.7 version. I contacted the theme developer and they said I have to downgrade to the previous version 4.6.1. They are working to fix the glitch but might take long time. Even if it is fixed for now, it may not work with the subsequent core updates. How do I disable future updates?


    I tried to downgrade to version 4.6.1 by using ftp. But the ftp would not allow me to delete many files on the server saying "permission denied".I want to delete all files on the server except wp-config.php and folder wp-content and then upload version 4.6.1. Can someone help?

    did you manage?