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    I Want A Refund Urgently And Have My Account Terminated!

    I want to use this medium to ask for a refund, because am not able to add a blog to my site through website builder and I was told when making research that Godaddy doesn't support Managed WordPress Hosting anymore except you create a blog elsewhere and link it. Lastly was because I wouldn't be able to put up google ads on my site. Please respond urgently.

    Pls email by me: huynhtsd@gmail.com

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    You have to contact GoDaddy to cancel -- no one here can do that for you.

    These are Community Forums -- none of us have access to your account or the ability to help you with your request.


    BTW, GoCentral does allow AdSense:  Left sidebar > Settings > Display ads.  And GoDaddy does offer Managed WordPress that you could set up and link to.


    HTH! 😉




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