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    Im getting 404 error and i cant fix it

    Hello, I installed fresh wordpress and when i try to set it up im getting 404 error :Screenshot_5.pngScreenshot_1.png

    It is all new but im getting this, i did try reseting my account and didnt solved it, then i tryed installing joomla and even joomla doesnt work , i get same error.

    What is the solution?

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    Hello Greska!


    Are you still having this problem? Currently when I go to the site shows up.



    If you are trying to build a new site using joomla be sure that the domain is pointing to the proper ip address since that is required for the framework joomla to function and also that the index.php of your install is located in the folder that the domain is mapped to. 


    If this is not quite clear give our support a call and im sure they can point you in the right direction after reviewing your account details to isolate the exact cause. 



    Mike L. | WebPro