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    Images doesn't show after migrating from business hosting to managed wordpress.


    Here is my situation.

    I had a wordpress website on Business Hosting (Launch) and migrated the site to managed wordpress (eCommerce). The migration process was smooth, I just entered the web address I wanted to transfer, and it duplicated the website on the new managed wordpress hosting with a temporary url (to allow me to check everything is okay before I setup the domain at the new hosting).
    Everything look okay after migration except that product images didn't show. But when I go on wordpress dashboard, I see that my products all have images. I thought it could be because my site isn't at an actual url, so I called the godaddy tech support. He agreed that migrating the domain may fix the issue. But it didn't. Have anyone experienced this before??

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    Did you ever get a resolution to this?   If so can you share for other users who may experience the same?


    If not, can you advise your URL so I can take a peak at the site?  Usually if images don't show it is a path issue or a setting change.  Check in Settings > Permalinks and confirm those settings are the same as they were before the move.  If they are, just click Save and see if that makes a difference. 


    You may have to reload and/or clear any caches to see if the Save made a difference.


    HTH! 😉


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