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    Is anyone else experiencing big slowdowns?

    I'm working on two different client sites on Managed WordPress hosting and it's been painfully slow ALL DAY LONG.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Hi @webcami,


    Servers in states? Hurricane?.........Smiley Frustrated

    Aren't their servers in AZ?  No, that's not it.  I'm not on vacation and working and keep getting connection reset when saving changes to files.  SFTP keeps resetting.  Something must be going on with Managed WordPress.  An upgrade, something.

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    Hi @webcami ,


    Godaddy have servers all over the world. Some even rented from other companies. A traceroute can sometimes show up where the fault lies and ping results give performance results, but most often than not the fault lies with a clients network or their ISP. 

    If the problem persists though then I would contact support. Love your hair colour by the way... Smiley Happy