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    Lagging WordPress website.

    I'm Cyrene, and I own and my website is lagging horribly this afternoon. It was fine earlier today, is there anyone else noticing a slow down? 

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    Helper I

    Yes, something is going on today with my Managed WP sites. Sites are really slow and timing out. Any idea what's up @Gabe?

    I've been timing out for over 24 hours now. What is going on?

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    Hi @Cyrene ,

    Sorry I misread that. When you said "Lagging website" I thought you were a pipe insulation company!!

    But now I'm here........

    I'm surprised all the lights don't dim if everyone logged into their Wordpress site. It seems to be a very common thread. There are tips and tricks out here in forum land for speeding up Wordpress sites. Just hit the search bar.


    and welcome Smiley Happy