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    Managed WP hosting admin panel

    Hoping someone can help. I’ve literally just purchased managed Wordpress hosting the pro option for 5 sites after being reckoned Ed this by several support (sales) agents and doing my own research. As a test I’ve migrated on of my sites. And instantly come up agains the most ridiculous problem. The Wp-admin panel takes over a minute to logon let alone go and upload new content, crest posts etc. I spent all day yesterday doing updates on my old server (media temple) without any issue at all. So it’s fully an issue with GoDaddy. Seems ridiculous  that this is my stumbling block. Any help most appreciated, or I will be cancelling my package and staying put. 

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    Hey @Daveedjackson 


    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the community. I'm sorry to hear that the wp-admin was performing slowly on your migrated sites. Since Managed WordPress is on shared hosting there can be some variation in sites speeds depending on the load placed on the server at that time. 


    That said, our team is always working to optimize the platform and we have some major improvements expected in the coming months.


    In the meantime, admin area slowness is best addressed by auditing your site plugins to remove any unused or unnecessary ones. You can use the Query Monitor plugin to test which plugins are using the most resources.


    I'm not sure if you decided to stick with your Pro hosting package, but I'd be curious to hear if you are seeing persistent slowness in the admin or only at certain times?