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    Managed WP hosting now has PHP 7.x available

    Just an FYI that today I discovered that all of my clients' Managed WordPress hosting accounts finally have a PHP 7.x upgrade available, after years of badgering GoDaddy about when we'd get it. I accidentally discovered this while signing into a client's GoDaddy Managed WP account today. I also see that it's been available for at least a couple of weeks.


    Question: Why haven't customers and GoDaddy Pros been notified of this via an email announcement? We've been waiting years for PHP 7, you finally offer it...yet, no announcement email so we know? 


    GoDaddy needs to provide better communications to their customers & Pros, instead of us accidentally discovering that new features & capabilities have been added. Is there some newsletter we need to sign up for or some other method to be notified of these things? 


    Anyway, I've upgraded my clients' sites to PHP 7.2 and everything is holding together. The sites are faster and everything is running smoothly, instead of clunking along with PHP 5.x.

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