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    Managed Wordpress Migration Tool Not Working - stuck at 40 percent

    stuck at 40 percent....please resolve. I have tried everything already. The managed wordpress plugin tool seems not to be installing on the source site and I have tried several sites already for a test migrate.  Disabled all plugins too but that does not work still. It was working before the new dashboard upgrade. Any one having similar issues?

    Manual migration is not an option for me since I have multiple sites I need to migrate.

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    I've been having similar problems as well - I'm getting error messages that the plugin for the migration cannot be completed, and after contacting GoDaddy it seems something on their end is transposing the WP admin password with my FTP password, in spite of entering everything correctly. 


    We are migrating an existing Wordpress site to Godaddy. The site files transferred fine and the DNS changes updated automatically.


    Once we decided to assign a Domain to the temporary Wordpress URL, godaddy has us stuck in a "Pending Domain Changes" state, we are unable to Cancel or do anything.