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    Managed Wordpress Sync Staging to Production

    Is there a detailed description of what happens during syncing? If so, where?

    i.e. If I push Staging to Production and do not check "overwrite content," what specifically happens?


    Do all Staging files get written to the Production directory?

    Do only files in Staging and not in Production get written to Production?

    If files are in both directories, do only those where the Staging file has a newer datetime stamp get written and only those?


    Does any of the database get moved to Production?

    Do only tables in Staging and not Production get moved?

    Do only records in tables that are in Staging and Production get moved if the record isn't in Production?


    Same type of questions for situation where I check "overwrite content."

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    I'd like to know the answer to this as well.

    Would like an answer to all of your questions as well.