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    Podcast Issue: returning a 302 redirect for head requests

    My podcast feed is not readable by iTunes or my podcast host (Blubrry). Blubrry tech support said that GoDaddy is "returning a 302 redirect for head requests."  Also said that the  HEAD requests are being handling incorrectly. and that I need my webserver to support HEAD requests (to support itunes).


    How can I fix the returning a 302 redirect for head requests?

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    Hey @amika,


    I hope you've been able to work out a solution for this. If you still need some suggestions, it may help other members to offer advice if there was a little more information on how you're encountering this error from your end? Perhaps starting with the domain name you're using for your podcast?


    If I was to guess at this point, you might be using your domain name to forward with our masking service to your hosted site. If you are, try disabling the masking feature as some host providers won't work correctly with a domain being masked by our forwarding services. 


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