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    Printful store errors using Woocommerce and GoDaddy - Operation timed out.

    Suddenly yesterday my Printful store is returning errors when trying to connect to my GoDaddy-hosted wordpress site. No settings had been changed before the error started. Talked with GoDaddy and they say all is well on their end. Printful has yet to answer my emails. Here are the errors:


    Something went wrong with sync. Message from your server: Operation timed out.


    Errors rotate with these others: 


    Sync Error: (Operation timed out after 90001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received)


    Sync Error: (Response is not JSON.)


    Please, can anyone help?!?!? And please dumb down any help you provide. I'm just a graphic designer!! ; )





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    Have you reviewed the woo commerce system status to ensure the hosting has been setup to accommodate the plugin requirements. 






    if so then you can review the wordpress error log/debug log for more information on what is failing.


    Mike L. | WebPro