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    Recent Website Articles only showing photos, not the text on a Google search.

    I've been writing articles for years without many problems, so I know this is a very recent one.


    When I click on my Google search result for a recent article, it only shows all the photos used in the article and not the article itself.


    Here's an example - on others, I have had to add wording and a new link to the article under the photos to try to rescue some traffic:


    Any thoughts on what's gone wrong? This seems to have only started happening since I got Go Daddy to add Sitelock to my account. I never had this problem before and nothing else has been changed on the site for a couple of years.


    Thanks a lot.


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    Here is the link that you posted




    but when I visit this link the post appears to show everything



    if the longer version of the url is getting index'd in the search engines you can disallow it using the robots.txt file


    Mike L. | WebPro

    Thanks for the reply.


    That's weird as I just rechecked my original posted link and it still only shows as the photo gallery to me!



    It's as though the Google algorithm is only seeing the photos, or at least on my search engine. But thanks for checking for me. It might be that it is slowly being sorted out, although it is also happening on this link too from an article I posted 2 weeks ago. I ended up adding the proper link to each of the photos in this instance.


    Usually only the article will be featured in the links on Google, not the individual photos.