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    Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    I am creating a new site, and I want a few people to review/proofread and give suggestions to my website before I push it to the live production site. How can I share just the view of the Staging site to a few people?

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    Re: Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    Hello @Rachmany,


    This article below sounds like the options for you, it gives a couple of solutions and even some extension which will make it a lot easier to create a staging site.




    I hope this helps,

    Feel free to ask any other questions!


    Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

    Re: Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    Hmm I have the same question but did not find the answer in the link you provided. (The article addressed options for creating a staging site. I used the plugin on GoDaddy to create it already.)

    > How to send preview link of staging site to my client before publishing?


    Thank you!