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    Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    I am creating a new site, and I want a few people to review/proofread and give suggestions to my website before I push it to the live production site. How can I share just the view of the Staging site to a few people?

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    Helper III

    Re: Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    Hello @Rachmany,


    This article below sounds like the options for you, it gives a couple of solutions and even some extension which will make it a lot easier to create a staging site.




    I hope this helps,

    Feel free to ask any other questions!


    Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

    Re: Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    Hmm I have the same question but did not find the answer in the link you provided. (The article addressed options for creating a staging site. I used the plugin on GoDaddy to create it already.)

    > How to send preview link of staging site to my client before publishing?


    Thank you!

    Former Employee

    Re: Sharing a staging site on Managed Wordpress

    Hi @Rachmany 


    On GoDaddy's managed wordpress solution, there is a staging site included. You can just share the staging URL so your people can review it before you make the changes live on your production site. 

    Find more details on how to create a staging site for your Managed WordPress at https://my.godaddy.com/help/whats-a-staging-site-12292 and https://my.godaddy.com/help/create-a-staging-site-16466