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    Show Me How

    How do I disable the, "Show Me How" that suddenly started appearing on new WordPress installations on the WordPress Managed Hosting service? It's distracting and superfluous.

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    Re: Show Me How

    Hi @frankstallone,


    I too, would like to know.  As a developer I don't use it, but as a support tool for clients this may be quite powerful.  I've taken some time to go through some of the "Show Me How's" and there pretty doggone good! 


    I try to get clients to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Some smaller clients can't afford to have a full-time content/data manager just for their website.  So, websites don't get maintained content-wise.  Anything to make it easier/better for the client's utility goes a long way toward site success.


    In addition to the built-in video training manuals that I provide with my sites, these "show-me-how" take the videos from watching to action.  I'm definitely going to take a closer look at how I can use them in site-specific documentation.


    Good point, @frankstallone on knowing how to adjust these settings to suit the user!


    GoDaddy Pro
    GoDaddy Pro

    Re: Show Me How

    GoDaddy sent me an email to remind me that this has not been answered yet. Bump!


    Re: Show Me How

    Frank -- I'm sorry to hear that the in-product guidance is a distraction, and I apologize for not responding sooner! I can work with you to deactivate Show  Me How in your account.


    To provide some context, we designed the solution for users who need a little extra help getting started. The in-product guidance appears only when you choose the "Quick Start Wizard" during setup. It currently appears when users choose one 10 or so GoDaddy Managed WordPress Themes.


    I understand that it's not right for you. I'll PM you to discuss the details about turning it off for your account. - Anthony


    Re: Show Me How

    Show me how to remove the "Show me how" button.


    Bright blue on a mostly black and white screen sticks out and annoys the crap out of me.


    Make a way for everyone to remove it without needing to search for a super common phrase that returns absolutely no usable information.


    For now I have just added it to my adblock list.

    Install Adblock plus extension, right click on the "Show me how" button and block image.


    Re: Show Me How


    I, too, need the tutorial removed, as it shows not only for Admins but for other users, including Subscribers. Please let me know how to remove it.