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    Staging Wordpress Core version vs Production Version

    Does anyone know the SOP for Wordpress Core version rollouts? Does GoDaddy first roll out the updated core to Staging sites before at a later time pushing it to the Production site?


    I am currently seeing Wordpress 4.7.4 on my Staging site but 4.7.3 on my Production.  


    I am trying to figure out a database issue that is occurring on my production however. So if I rebuild my staging site Theme and plugins all is good. If I push it to the Production site (and clear caches) the issue persists - thus the only difference is the Wordpress version. Be good to know when Production is going to go to 4.7.4.



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    Hi @grahamtheglove, thanks for posting.

    The staging and production versions should be the same, but if you were managing it while updates were rolling out you might have seen a discrepancy.

    When new updates for WordPress are available, they are generally pushed out to Managed WordPress within a few days.


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