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    Terribly slow Godaddy managed Wordpress

    What the heck? why is that my Godaddy managed WordPress site that slow? Supposed to withstand 25000 visitors per month and even with 2-3000 visitors per month, the site is terribly slow. Even I can't access WordPress admin dashboard and its slow for hours and hours and for days. What the heck is that? If this is happening even with that low traffic then what will happen if it gains traffic around 25000 visitors per month which already included in the package? It's so frustrating. My website is www.biochempages.com and please fix the problem about that deadly slowness.

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    Helper VI

    @shrawan44 sorry to hear that.

    I just went to your site, and it works well to me.


    Have you contacted support to ask them what's going on?


    Hope it helps!

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