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    Helper III
    Helper III

    Unable to reply to Sucuri Support Tickets - Continued

    Hi @MrVapor ,


    This thread you just shutdown is still an outstanding, active issue even with a fully cleared browser history and cleared browser cache with a fresh login to GoDaddy.  So your answer provided and reasoning for the thread shutdown is incorrect.


    Just today I tested the issue and confirmed it is still live and unresolved.


    With an open Sucuri ticket if you hit reply on the email generated by Sucuri by the ticket system, the link goes no where, other than to the home page of your GoDaddy account after you login.


    The Sucuri link does not automatically resolve and redirect to the Sucuri help system. 


    I would appreciate if you check your facts before shutting down a thread.  You many not have liked the language used by the user @simsim but addressing a user's language is different than addressing an actual ongoing problem.


    Thank you.




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    Helper III
    Helper III

    We can make an educated guess as to the cause of the problem and even a possible solution.


    Sucuri still sells service under its own website and brand name, to non GoDaddy customers, even though the company was purchased by GoDaddy.  Sucuri's original support ticketing system is (most likely) still in operation for its non GoDaddy customers and the "Reply" redirect link given in support tickets operates correctly, as intended for these customers.


    If this is the case then a possible solution is the Sucuri ticketing system needs to do a database lookup query on what type of customer is submitting (or replying) to a ticket, a direct customer or a GoDaddy customer.


    Based on this database query answer, the ticket template needs to merge two differently constructed redirection links, one for their direct customers (as is now) and one for their GoDaddy customers. 


    For example, here is my current open ticket redirect link.




    They need to merge a differently structured URL into their tickets that will work with GoDaddy customers as they authenticate through their logins.  Clicking on the Reply button link takes you to your GoDaddy login screen but after logging in (with or without 2FA enabled) the redirect part is lost and not applied.


    The part of the URL construct after the question mark ? typically redirects after login.  However neither the domain or the ticket number are being passed through correctly.


    Its up to Sucuri to fix address this issue as and when they choose to do so.




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    As was said in the previous thread, this can only be resolved by contacting support as it is outside the purview of this community board. You should contact phone support or live chat.

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    Hi @Aly,

    I think you make some good points. I'll share your post with our Security team. Hope all is well with you. 


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