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    WP Bakery Plugin Error Despite Hours of GoDaddy "Support"

    This has been going on since Monday - WP Bakery Page Builder Plugin wont work - as in there is no way for me to edit or view my pages or posts. Both display as a blank field with no visual editor or way to open one. From what I have read online this is a common issue - even more common is GoDaddy's ability but refusal to fix it without a paid WP Support Ticket. 


    Here is my problem - there is absolutely no reason this shouldn't be working. I've worked with the theme and plugin developers and tried every fix both simple and advanced. From uninstalling and reinstalling, disabling all other plugins, editing code on the back end through my cPanel and roughly eight hours of whatever GoDaddy support is supposedly doing. Every single time I call they try to sell me hundreds of dollars in additional products and services. Oh - and they do it via chat too, they're just ruder about it.


    Additionally, a search of the web tells me that this happens a lot for many WP/GoDaddy users and the only solution seems to be paying GoDaddy more money. I feel like something is being blocked on GoDaddys end in order to extort money from me as a customer. 


    Anyone else having this issue - either with the plugin or GoDaddys seemingly obscure support? The plugin worked previously until it was migrated to GoDaddy hosting - which just adds to the head shaking on my part...

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    Re: WP Bakery Plugin Error Despite Hours of GoDaddy "Support"

    Hi @ASlaine,


    There are many reasons why the plugin won't work.  With any of the front-end builders, please make sure the plugins, wp, and theme are up-to-date before installation.  As one reads about this type of problem, by far the biggest culprit is out-of-date plugins and themes not being compatible.   I recently, yesterday, ran into just that with one of my installations.  - Plugin was just 1 release behind and slowwwwww did not even begin to define the problem.  Updated and problem solved.  Certainly don't know if this is your situation, but the rapidity of change often, way too often, breaks plugin compatibility.


    What platform are you on?  Even on a managed wp platform, you can still make some php and resources changes if compatibility is not the problem.


    When GoDaddy offers a fix, is it moving to a stronger platform?  What is support telling you?  Some here in the community may offer a solution if you can provide just a bit of information with regard to tech's assessment of the problem.


    Hope this helps,


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    Re: WP Bakery Plugin Error Despite Hours of GoDaddy "Support"

    I had to laugh at your subject line! All I can say is GoDaddy upsell skills strong AF. Every time I call. 


    Re: WP Bakery Plugin Error Despite Hours of GoDaddy "Support"

    I know this message is old but did you ever fix the problem?  I am having the same problem and been on the phone with GoDaddy and no luck with anything.


    Re: WP Bakery Plugin Error Despite Hours of GoDaddy "Support"

    Hi @ASlaine!  Thanks for being a part of the Godaddy Community! 


    Due to the many different reasons a plugin couldn't work it's hard to pinpoint a specific issue with the WP Bakery.  I have done a little bit of research on a 3rd party community, it does appear someone might have had a solution to this here.

    This is something that would require editing of a custom file.  Most of the time this file is here by default, so you should already have it.  Hope it helps.

    All the best,
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