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    Web wordpress not work

    Hi all;


    Please help me how I can fix my hosting or website. I buy a wordpress hosting and install applycation to run wordpress website, anythings ok but web not work when I surf domain: mybanknotes.net, it show " DNS Lookup for "mybanknotes.net" failed. System.Net.Sockets.SocketException No such host is known". 


    How I can fix this error?


    Thanks so much

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    The domain you listed, mybanknotes.net, is available for purchase and therefor not mapped to any install or server.


    mybanknotesnet.pngIs that the correct domain?


    HTH! 😉

    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me



    I buy hosting and domain in a package. You can see Domain Manager, I don't know what happen...


     screenshot (8).jpeg





    Being I don't work for GoDaddy to have access to your account, you need to contact GoDaddy support and bring this to their attention.  Have your order # and info ready too to show them you did purchase.


    Unfortunately, no one here on the community forums can determine why the domain shows available if you did in fact purchase it. 😞

    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    It also happen to my domain that I had already purchase and GODADDY still put up my domain name for sale. Just the same way it show in GODADDY sale page. Also now my Wordpress website suddenly cannot edit to use it due to error map address problem and now cannot change a the address?