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    Website 502 And Extremely Slow!

    Can this please be fixed!


    Earlier today I was doing work on my website and everything was running smoothly, except for my other problems listed before this.


    I received a 502 page and now my website is loading ridiculously slow.

    Once again, yesterday and earlier today the website was running super fast!


    This is not down to image sizes - I do have an image compression.

    This is not down to my internet connection - it's excellent.

    This is ultimately down the to the server/hosting - if any improvements, update 'System Status'. 


    I've been a WordPress user for several years, but never on GoDaddy and never I have experienced this.

    It's not fine, so don't pretend it is.

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    hope this may help


    interesting bit about errors and bugs in php code! 

    I am having performance issues with my site which is set up as a managed Wordpress account. This seems to be intermittent but has been an issue the last few days.


    Can anyone advise why this might be?

    Mines exactly the same.


    Spoken with "chat agents" and all they do is try and sell me a bigger account.


    I've tried everything.



    I have a 0/100 on Critical Rendering Path and have the following message. "Optimize your critical rendering path to reduce time to first render and allow users to see above-the-fold content ASAP. Synchronous scripts fun in HEAD:18.  
    Please let me know if you can give me some suggestions to improve my performance.