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    Website Course Page Running Slow



    Our website course page is taking a very long time to load once our users log-in. We have tried a lot of different methods in trying to speed it up, i.e. deactivating non-essential plugins, adding the Autoptimize, EWWW Image Optimizer and W3 Total Cache plug-ins and reducing image size. None of these methods have greatly improved the course pages speed however and we are scratching our heads on what to do to improve the situation. Also the video lessons on the course page are very slow to load as well.




    Does anyone have any suggestions on improving our course pages speed?



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    Helper IV
    Helper IV

    Re: Website Course Page Running Slow

    Hard to say without looking "under the hood" but two questions come to mind:


    1. How many users are on simultaneously? Shared hosting plans have limitations and for an active membership site, you will eventually need to upgrade to business hosting, VPN, or dedicated (depending on how much traffic you are getting).


    2. Are the videos being hosting on the same hosting account? If so, it's typically a violation of terms for a shared server and it would kill the performance. Best to use a third party such as Vimeo Pro or Wistia to host your videos.


    I hope that helps. If not, contact hosting support (call and select hosting) and someone can help you further as they can actually see behind the scenes what is going on.


    Re: Website Course Page Running Slow

    after running the speed test, it is showing that some css and javascript files are still there. that are affecting page speed. you can check this blog post on tips to speedup wordpress site which can help you.