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    Website Migration Problem



    I have purchased WordPress Managed Hosting package last night. After I purchased, it asked e to migrate the website and asked for URL and login details. I provided my login details and admin panel URL .... It started migrating y website but from last 12 hours, it is showing 40% progress.


    Migration in Progress:

    Step 4 of 8: Creating backup (0%)


    It is stuck at this point from last 12 hours. Website archive size is only less than 100MB. I can't find any option to stop this migration so that I can migrate the website manually. Plus there is no CPanel option as well. I purchased the account only for one month to test the services. What should I do to get my website live on Godaddy WordPress Hosting? 


    1 Thing: Domain was registered with Godaddy different account. During migration, I transferred that domain from 1 Godaddy account to account where I have the hosting package. The website is still alive and accessible. But it is not migrated to Godaddy account. 



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    Getting Started

    Can I get any response? Its 3 days and still website is at 40%. How can I stop that and how can I migrate the website manually? 

    Hello @bukharifaran!


    Thank you for posting. Sorry we missed this. For this type of issue, you would want to reach out to our support team. They cannot be accessed through the community. Thank you for understanding.


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at