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    Website very slow

    We website has suddenly become very slow at loading, I want to add an online shop so this slowness isn't ideal, any thoughts?

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    Re: Website very slow



    Since you did not include your URL and every site's setup and config is unique, you'll want to run your site through a speed test to find out what is going on.


    One of the services I use for this is GTMetrix.  Once your site is checked you'll get the specific details as to exactly what you have to address to speed up your site.


    HTH! Smiley Wink


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    Re: Website very slow

    I have enouh of Godaddy hosting for wordpress. It does up and down. I am loosing a lot of clients.

    They told me: "Pay for more space"...oh yeah...full me around again sucker.

    It hasn't changed anything. I'll put my site on a famous AUSTRALIAN HOSTING.