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    Why are the posts redirected?

    Hi, I use godaddy child theme for my wordpress website. The child theme and the parent theme where upgraded lately.

    Now I see that fetching posts on 'google search console' tool shows that the url's are redirected and in intervals (sometimes redirected and sometimes 'completed')

    These urls return status 200 when checked on other tools.

    How to handle it? thank you.

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    Hi @1920,

    just a quickie here:


    200 status is not mentioned much because usually nobody sees it. The reason for that is that a 200 status means success!


    So yes, "how to handle it", or "How to handle success?", hmmmmm well I just wear a large pair of cool shades and dress down a little bit when shopping.......................

    Getting Started

    Maybe this way it will work..

    Let's say response 200=completed, so why google fetch as redirects?