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    WordPress 4.9 update problems

    I just got an email that one of my sites was updated to 4.9. The email said to check to make sure my theme and plugins were working - odd, because every "we updated your site" email I've received from GoDaddy since becoming a customer 3 years ago has said "Don't worry, there's nothing for you to do." 


    I go check. Theme appears to be fine. Plugins are a mess. Askimet has been deactivated due to an "invalid header" and is completely gone from my plugins tab. I go to reinstall it and that fails as it claims it already exists. I opt to attempt to update Jetpack to handle comment spam for the site - since I now get a warning from Jetpack saying that I have no spam protection on comments. Jetpack's dashboard and settings both load to a blank page now. Great, right?

    So, I go restore my "files" from a backup thinking that perhaps the plugins got corrupted during the upgrade. That flashes everything back 24 hours and everything is working - but now I'm back on 4.8.3. 

    I guess my main question is will the restore cause this site to not get automatically updated when the next round of updates happen since I had to restore from a backup? When I log into my GoDaddy account, the dashboard there claims this site is now on 4.9 even though it isn't any more. That wasn't my intention but I suppose was a necessary side effect of trying to get the backend of the site working properly again after the automatic update by GoDaddy.

    Askimet and Jetpack seem like relatively common plugins in use on WordPress sites to have such a major issue during the upgrade process...

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    Re: WordPress 4.9 update problems

    I think there are some issues with 4.9 https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/42573

    My website is stuck at 4.8.3 and could not even get the version 4.9


    Hope this will be fixed with another update.

    Re: WordPress 4.9 update problems

    Sure enough - exact same issues with my other two sites on Managed WordPress hosting when they got the 4.9 update last night. Guess my only option is to roll back to the 4.8.3 via files restore and then deal with phone support if my sites don't get a 4.9.x update down the road... frustrating.


    Re: WordPress 4.9 update problems

    So, staying at 4.8.3 until the 4.9.1 update seemed to be the answer here. 4.9.1 rolled out to my sites tonight and all is well.

    Re: WordPress 4.9 update problems


    An automated WordPress update has failed to complete - please attempt the update again now.