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    WordPress manage hosting account started giving timeouts

    I have a site I would love someone there to look at. Godaddy upgraded this guy to a managed hosting plan.  The site is like insanely slow.  We haven't looked at in 3 months or so, but I have other godaddy managed sites that aren't this slow...


    It will gives us error 503 timeouts, and sometimes a response like site is taking too long to respond. The backend is impossible to login to.  Takes about 30sec of waiting to get to dashboard and saving will cause the site to crash.


    Is it the webhost? I've had other Godaddy regular shared plans where I see timeouts, but the managed is supposed to be awesome.


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    I sent you a private message due to sensitive data.

    hope it helps.

    I am having the same problem. 503s out the ying yang. 


    Noticed others seem to be having this same type of issue.



    Any idea what is going on?





    I am getting close to moving on from GoDaddy.  The last 6 months or so have been brutally slow - especially during the daytime hours.  It's IMPOSSIBLE to get any work done.  Many times, when I update plug-ins, it gives me a message saying the system is temporarily down for maintenance (or something very similar).  I've been with GoDaddy for many, many years, and have always been very happy.  I'm starting to think they have outgrown their capabilities and their customers are suffering.  When you call customer support, the wait time is almost always 20 minutes.  It was never like that before.  Heck, I rarely had to call "back in the day".  GoDaddy is costing my precious time in so many different ways.  It's probably worth the hassle of changing hosts if this doesn't get corrected VERY soon.