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    Wordfence Premium needs "Hosting Account Control Panel URL"

    I hope I chose the correct location for this question.

    My other sites use cPanels and are not on godaddy so I am confused.

    I am signing up for wordfence premium on my site to clean up a hacking problem. They ask for the "Hosting Account Control Panel URL" and since the info is managed here, I don't know what to give them. The only way I find this listed for godaddy is with Linux, which I am not using.

    Can anybody tell me what URL to give them?



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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hi @diannie, I know that you're able to set up a free WordFence account with our Managed WordPress hosting, but I don't know if there are different requirements for the Premium version.  I would recommend reaching out to WordFence support to find out what other options there are for setting up their product with GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.  Good luck!