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    Wordpress/eCommerce Package

    My wife and I just purchased the WordPress/eCommerce package and trying to find the $1000 of free Woocommerce plugins - mainly the Product CSV Import Suite that's listed. How do I get these plugins that are listed under the hosting description?





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    Hi @JHale1966,


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    You'll need to go to the dashboard of the WordPress hosting plan. To get there, click on the profile icon in the upper right of the screen after you log in. Choose "My Products", then locate the hosting plan and click "Manage" to the right of that listing. That should take you to the dashboard where you'll see an "Action Center". You'll be able to "Launch" the WooCommerce features there.


    This article will provide a number of links to take advantage of the WooCommerce features. 




    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thank you! I'm still not seeing the CSV Import Suite but it appears I'm able to find at least most of the other stuff.



    Hi, I also have the same issue. I can install the basic woocommerce extension (which is free even without the ecommerce plan). I have tried your solution but haven't been able to get the extensions I thought came with the subscription, which I need such as woocommerce bookings and membership. I have also associated my woocommerce account in wordpress, but the extensions tab is showing that I have to pay for the plugins, and when I click on subscriptions tab I get the following message "Could not find any subscriptions on your account" . I have contacted Godaddy several times about this but no one seems to understand the issue. I hope you will be able to assist...