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    Wordpress site down in less then 2 day 504 error

    I am not usually one to complain but so far I have had little in the way of a good experience with Godaddy. in less then two days of paying for and hosting a WordPress blog I have received multiple errors the 503 being the most prevalent. I have also been unsuccessful in getting any support from the GoDaddy team. any suggestions?

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    Re: Wordpress site down in less then 2 day 504 error

    To me GoDaddy managed hosting isn't really managed hosting.


    My clients pay between $1,000-$10,000 per month for unlimited site, managed hosting.


    What they get is fast + stable hosting.


    If there site(s) go down, I'm in the logs immediately + fix the problem.


    GoDaddy's pricing for "Managed WordPress Hosting" runs $3.99-$13.99 per month.

    Unlikely you'll get a WordPress Savant (someone who can fix anything from the Linux Kernel to any WordPress problem) for this level of monthly support.

    A likely next step is to move to Real Managed WordPress Hosting, if your site's income supports it + if not, try moving somewhere like BlueHost, which tends to have much few 50x errors than GoDaddy.

    That said, be aware, Good Hosting will never fix Bad Code. If you've installed a theme or plugins which drain server resources, you'll either have to pay high monthly hosting or pay a WP Speed Guy to go through your site + retool it to remove all performance drains.


    Re: Wordpress site down in less then 2 day 504 error

    Getting same been onto support 5 times has been like this for over a week with no clarity or ETA...Completely unacceptable and we are losing orders because of this. Someone give us a solid ETA AND ANSWERRRRRRR!!!!!!


    Re: Wordpress site down in less then 2 day 504 error

    Exactly same as me had this for the last 3 days along with the 503 service unavailable error..
    I also have been on the phone now for 50 minutes in a queue for support which ended in me hanging up.. I cant wait that **bleep**ing long!!!


    At random points during the last couple of days it has been up for a few minutes.. but page load times can be up to 4 minutes...


    Its been a complete joke this last few days - not impressed