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    i have some problem with hosting , anyone can help me ?

    i have some problems with my site setting up, i have godaddy host that can just manage 1 domain, i changed that domain so i purchased another domain at namecheap, i replaced the current domain of godaddy with the one from namecheap, i changed DNS setting but some problems making me unable to set up the site correctly.

    so when i submitted it to the google console , i doesnt admit for 2 days

    what is the problem now and how can I deal with that?

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    Former Employee


    So if your domain registrar is namecheap, ensure that you are pointing your nameservers to the correct nameservers that are listed in your "DNS Management" area inside your GoDaddy account. It should show that your domain is in a "DNS Only" status. If this does not show, you will need to call into support so we can take a further look for you. If you have switched the primary domain inside your hosting to your current domain with namecheap, our DNS management center should recognize it and put it in the "DNS only" status. To play it safe I would call into support so we can take a look for you. Hopefully this helps!