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    <?php This file doesn't do anything


    I've moved a WP site from another hosting company to GoDaddy's Managed WordPress Hosting. Everything seemed to import fine, and I updated the out-of-date plugins. But now the WP Admin just shows this PHP message. 


    Any ideas?


     * Front to the WordPress application. This file doesn't do anything, but loads
     * wp-blog-header.php which does and tells WordPress to load the theme.
     * @package WordPress
     * Tells WordPress to load the WordPress theme and output it.
     * @var bool
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);
    /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */
    require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp-blog-header.php' );


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    Helper II
    Helper II

    Hi @pkoenig


     Hang in there,  

       it sounds like it is your plugin!


         Delete the plugin,   and see if your issue is solved.


             Then if so do not use that plugin.

         Or maybe go to look for the author and let him know this issue.

       Make sure your plugin is compatible with your WP version this is important.



    best of luck to you 

    A plugin issue was my first guess. I de-activated all of them, migrated the site, and it still has the same issue. 


    Any other ideas? It works just fine when hosted on BlueHost, but using the migration tool it doesn't.