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    my website is slow ...

    helo everyone, I'm having a little problem , I recently starding developing a website for restaurant that includes ordering and paying online, I'm concerned about the speed of connection to website

    it seems slow , I'll be having about 1200 customer , is there any upgrade or changing my plans to make my website better ?
    website: https://nefertiti.cafe

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    Thanks everyone =D <3 

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    Re: my website is slow ...



    Your site popped for me but I'm in the USA.  So I ran a GTMetrix test and your site got a straight A! Smiley Happy


    YSlow has a few suggestions for you but otherwise the site seems zippy.  Maybe there were network issues in your area at the time?


    HTH! Smiley Wink

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    Re: my website is slow ...

    you can reduce the loading time by caching, image compression etc. which will reduce the loading time of your wordpress site.