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    "Took Too Long Respond": Website Hasn't Loaded for Months!

    Hi everyone!


    I'm so frustrated, as this issue has not been resolved for months especially when I’m paying for it.
    I have my domain and “Starter Managed WordPress” hosting on and by GoDaddy for a little more than two years. Never hosted the website or had the domain anywhere else. For a long time, ever since I set up both packages, it has been working fine, therefore I haven't bothered going on my own website unless I need to update content. Tried to update content around late October 2017, the website wouldn't load.


    On Safari:
    "Safari can't open "INSERTDOMAINNAMEDOTCOM" because the server where this page is located isn't responding"


    On Chrome:
    "This site can’t be reached

    INSERTDOMAINNAMEDOTCOM took too long to respond.



    On Firefox:
    "The connection has timed out

    The server at INSERTDOMAINNAMEDOTCOM is taking too long to respond."

    (Keeping my domain private but I can provide it via private message)


    I have no idea how long it has been giving this error, but even now, February 2018, I still cannot update content on my website in a normal fashion like any other GoDaddy customer. No pages on any part of my website whether the Wordpress admin panel or links would load.


    I have called GoDaddy customer service twice, and spent nearly 6 hours total on the phone. First time, the agent said it's my ISP. Second agent, I stated to him that it doesn't work on multiple ISPs, and he said it's a strange issue and that he can't find a solution because the website loads perfectly fine for him.

    And also keep in mind, that everyone I asked to view my website (except GoDaddy agents), are all located in various locations in New York City. Here are the situations I've already encountered, and I apologize for the long post but I've been tired of repeating myself everywhere to everyone:


    Accessing the website from my own home network (Verizon):
    - Does NOT work on my own network.
    - Does NOT work on PC or Mac.
    - Does NOT work on tablets, or mobile devices whether iPhone 5, 6, 7, 7+, X and various Android phones.
    - Does NOT work even when I tried switching Wordpress themes, disabling plugins, etc.
    - Does NOT work when I restart devices, flush DNS, clear cache, firewall check, anti-virus, and all those other basic troubleshooting methods that I researched about**


    - **DOES work on Mac if I go on Safari and "empty cache", then on/off wifi a couple of times, wait and be patient. Website is fine for maybe a few hours then stops working again.
    - DOES work on the PC, Mac, tablets, mobile devices *if* connected to a Proxy or VPN or for a random amount of time.
    - DOES work if I go to nameservers on my GoDaddy settings, switch it to "custom", and immediately switch it back to "default". This allows the website to work for a random amount of time ranging from 1 hour to possibly 1 day, then stops working again.


    Accessing my website from public places, asking other people to view it, potential clients viewing, and workplace #1 & #2 (all various ISPs including Cogent, Cox, Comcast, Verizon, Optimum, I don't know the rest of them):
    - DOES work for certain people.
    - DOES work if, again, on VPN or a proxy regardless of ISP or location.
    - DOES work sometimes (at places where it usually doesn't work). And when I mean “sometimes”, I mean possibly 1 in 50 times that I actually attempt to visit the website randomly during a day. Then it randomly stops working again.


    Accessing website via cellular data (like 4G and LTE):
    - DOES work for me, and for everyone I spoke to who tried. One occasion, it didn't load for a Sprint user but she wasn't specific on the error, and the website was fine after she refreshed the page.
    - DOES work when cellular data is set up as a hotspot for other devices.


    Other notes ("everywhere" here means all the places I mentioned above^):
    - Workplace #1 has their own company website hosted by GoDaddy and theirs is fine, everywhere.
    - Workplace #2 hosts all their clients' websites exclusively on GoDaddy (various platforms) and all the websites load fine when I modify them, everywhere.
    - I made websites for clients: all domains and hosted (Wordpress) on GoDaddy. All load fine, everywhere.
    - I set up a website for a friend the exact same way as mine (same hosting, same Wordpress theme and plugins, same settings all around) and hers loads fine, everywhere.
    - I needed a Wordpress theme developer’s help to solve a layout bug, and the developer was unable to access my website to help me.
    - Unable to access FTP for my website, everywhere.
    - GoDaddy agent helped me change nameservers. It’s been days and the website still doesn’t load so I assume this doesn’t fix it anywhere.


    Every single website that I know of, that is hosted by GoDaddy, is working fine, except my own! As said earlier, it's not only my own ISP. It doesn't work for many other people whether they use the same ISP or not. Obviously, I can't suggest ridiculous workarounds to potential clients by asking them to use a VPN, proxy, tell them to go on their cellular data, or to flush their DNS or clear their cache.


    If this problem continues, I have to move my content, host elsewhere and ask to be refunded for these months. It’s embarrassing and it’s affecting my work. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this long post, as I want to be as specific as possible. I also appreciate if any help is given or if anyone is currently having the same problem.


    Thank you!

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    Re: "Took Too Long Respond": Website Hasn't Loaded for Months!

    Solution: After hours and hours of speaking to multiple agents and to an IT that I know, there's no solution to this problem. My website's IP cannot be accessed as it doesn't route correctly between the device accessing it and wherever the website is located. I was told that this is something that is too complex and unknown, that it can't be fixed. My only option was to switch to cPanel hosting and use Wordpress from there. I wouldn't consider this a real solution, but with the cPanel regular hosting, I'm able to access my website again. I had to manually redo my whole website and add all my content despite this issue not being under my control or my choice. If I have any other problems like this in the future, sadly, I'm not going to continue hosting on GoDaddy...

    Re: "Took Too Long Respond": Website Hasn't Loaded for Months!

    @TM28-Dig I'm in a similar if not the same boat. This is frustrating. Are you able to load listedlists.com? It's a terrible old website of mine, but for some reason it's not even showing. It does show on some platforms, but not many. Very similar to how you listed where it shows and doesn't. Did switching to cPanel solve you problem for good? I guess if that's the only way then...ok. But sheesh. 

    Re: "Took Too Long Respond": Website Hasn't Loaded for Months!

    @Jacob311 I forgot my password here so I didn't get to log in to reply to you sooner. But I loaded your website a few weeks ago and it worked (although a little bit slow). However, this time, it doesn't work. It would just be a blank page. Switching to cPanel did solve my problem and has been working flawlessly so far, but it's a very poorly executed solution. Plus, it's ridiculously inconvenient and shouldn't be happening in the first place.


    GoDaddy charges $100 for migration (from what I remember). It isn't that much money, but since I run a creative design portfolio, it just wasn't worth my money. It took a while for me to start from scratch and re-upload everything but it was literally the only option I had.