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2 domains, 1 WordPress



I have been working on this for the entire day, so if I'm unclear it's simply because I am too tired: I am trying to get 2 domains pointing to the same WordPress, and I installed WP via GoDaddy's Installatron on (which is registered at another company), which is all nice and neat, but when I go to (which is registered with GoDaddy), it is always redirected to, regardless whether I type (etc.) or other url.


Is it possible to have, say, re-directed to


Any pointer is much appreciated!


how many websites can your wordpress package can host tho?

I'm probably not being clear enough, I only want to host one WP - using both domains to point to the WP (but, in a sense, reserving its url). So, I should be able to view and (both being the same), but not when I type it redirect to 


NB: both domains are successfully pointing to the WP, but does nothing but redirect to - I'm looking to have either to, or will show identical content without the rewrite of url.