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301 or 302 redirect for Domain Store?



What is best to use redirects 301 or 302 if:


I sell domains and want to redirect all domains that is for sale to the domain store.


For example:
I sell domains on

I sell these domains: etc.


I need to redirect to subpage
and to subpage  etc....


While domain is for sale what is the best way to redirect, 301 or 302? (Domain few years can be forwarded)



Helper IV

@a-z 301 is a permanent redirect and probably the best one for your purposes.





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Thanks for your reply!


But as GoDaddy Help Сenter say's at:

"A 301 redirect can provide a long-term solution by pointing your domain names to business or affiliate sites.

A 302 redirect points your domain name to a temporary page while you build your permanent website."

I think as long as domain is for sale and waiting for a permanent website (new domain owner) it is better to use 302 temporary redirect. While the domain is for sale, I temporarily redirect it ! Already, the domain buyer uses the domain for its needs.


That's what MOZ write:
"301 is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page.
302 It passes 0% of link juice (ranking power)"


What do you think?

And how much time is meant for 302 temporary redirect? There are restrictions and guidelines for how long to use?