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40+ hours DNS address could not be found.


Its been 40+ hours and I am still receiving this error. DNS address could not be found.

Any solutions? I tried caching my browser however it still doesn't work.


Getting Started

Hi @lkrumpak,

Can you give more details please. For example;
1. What browser are you using?
2. What version?
3. Do you have any proxy servers active?
4. What site are you trying to access?

perhaps GoDaddy could skip 2-3 additional steps by requiring its customers to fill in a short form, their Browsing Data/ Versions/ an d so on (you know these questions you asked on a reply when the customer could have already given support his or her concerned issues. Especially when the reason for the question is about time-creep on the new DNS change which after 40 hours ( WOW) has not propagated yet.


Cool Idea Right? I mean check it out


With having the short form filled on the first run, based on the topic choice chosen = required form data to speed up the support process), its quite probable you could have saved   your customer - that important part of GoDaddy eh em 🙂 saved him or her another 20 minutes, or hour, or day, if not several days depending upon the "customer's schedule and 'their' scheduling needs which are unknown to you, (kid in arm, spachella in the other, one biting her ankle, while the other 2 year old monster is crying and screaming because she just ripped god knows what in her and around the floor adjacent to her what can only be described as a dark splat matter of unknown origin (babies but from pooping all over the place ) - and the nany didnt show up but shes still trying to get out the door to the job interview which she had to reschedule twice already, only to hear a knock on the door, - guess who, New REligious Cult recruiting moms with no time on their hands (until the one day she gets her WEBSITE UP and ROCKIN SALES) - or she has a job, like you do , only her job is not at GoDaddy, her Job is at No Outside Access to speak with GoDaddy at her office in her cublicle. SURE cube2cube Communications SOUNDS good Frank ( can i call you Frank?) anyway.. so don't you think perhaps - it would be better for many reasons in a proactive customer leaning benefit and value added service to save them time, - get the basics out of the way - and send her a list of most likely descending possible issues bullet list of RESOLVE for this poor women who JUST - NEEDS - a FRKN - BREAK?


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I think GoDaddy is AWESOME - Support Team as well. Never EVER had trouble - just good service priced reasonably to the marketplace ( a bit evil on user paths / pay blocks- confuse anyone yet? - KUDOS there A-Team - Don't you just love the possibilities of modern monetization? 


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Helper V

Where is the domain name registered? Where is the hosting that you intend to use for the web site? Probably the answer to both is GoDaddy but you should say so explicitly. What have you done so far?

Helper V

Ooops, I forgot to say @lkrumpak. See my previous reply.

Helper VI

@lkrumpak, In order for your browser to find your website,  your browser has to go to the 'internet' phonebook called Domain Name System. Just like a phonebook, you won't find a phone number in it if it was never put in there in the first place or you're looking at a wrong phone book. So... my question to you is, have you gone to a registry to have them register your domain on your behalf? Does your domain have the correct DNS listed? Is your ISP preventing you to connect to the proper DNSes?

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @