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451 Error domain has a 451 error. It doesn't include any illegal material. There must be a confusion about "Unavailable For Legal Reasons". What can I do? Please help.

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Hi @yavuzcan55,

a 451 is not an error code, it is a takeout code. Are you sure you are not breaking copyright laws etc? Even 'tongue in cheek' violations can flag this up. After all, your site domain does sound like a well known electronic goods manufacturer. 

Hello ,

I live in Turkey and "Samsun" is a city here. So, it can't be flag for this violations. If it was, there is a huge mistake. 🙂

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Hi @yavuzcan55,

yes you are right, I can see your point. I don't unfortunately work for Godaddy, I'm just a forum member, so I can't see exactly what the problem is from here. I do see that there are no DNS problems at least. There is a number on the error message, but I would skip that and phone support direct, just in case it is fake.

Or you can use the online chat Arizona USA hours of 9am-6pm. That's Arizona USA hours, not local time. Though the phone service is 24/7.

Hope this helps and good luck.