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502 Bad Gateway when trying to post/access wp-admin

I get the following error every once in awhile when trying to access my site, make updates, or visit it. It's pretty annoying.




    502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

Helper VI

Hello @markeortega


If you are trying to access the admin interface use this


I know the user name but I don't know the password 🙂


If you have forgot the password you can modify it thru phpMyAdmin from cPanel.


I hope this helps you.

Good luck.


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This the Error i get whenever i try to log in to make a post or update anything ever since i signed up to cloudflare ssl. I have to re-try like 10 times before i get access. When i contacted them they said the Error is from my origin server.




I had to put the site offline till i resolve this. Please help

Thank you