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60days transfer passed

Hi everyone,

I registered com domain in some other registrar and after few days was trying to transfer it to godaddy, of course I get message that I have to wait 60 days, and after that time transfer will continue, it already 62 days passed and nothing happened,

I can't contact tech support because there is no email support, chat is always offline and phone is always busy (in PL it is impossible to call to support, it is always busy whole day, was trying 3 days already, never saw such a bad support ever in my life). Should i wait or what?

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I don't believe that it is an automated process after 60 days.  You'll have to re-initiate the transfer from your GoDaddy account to get the ball rolling again.   Here's how.


As far as outside the USA chat support, what you can try is when you go to the Global Support page, change the country you are from to United States so that you can access the chat feature.

Top left of the screen you'll find a drop down that allows you to designate your country, change it to United States.


HTH! 😉

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Thanks for answer, but chat is always offline, even if I choose USA, I was for transfer options, but it keep saying to wait, I bet I could wait forever and nothing will happen. I just cancelled transfer I will try do it again, will see if it will work.

Hi @interkul


The removal of the ICANN lock is indeed automatic. ICANN is the regulating authority and requires all registrars to deny transfers if a domain name is in the first 60 days of an initial registration period. Be advised, that it is not unusual for ICANN to take another 24-48 hours to process the unlock beyond that 60 days. This is not in GoDaddy's control.


However, it is also automatic that the moment that ICANN removes the lock from the domain, we will send you the codes (Transaction ID and Security Code) that are required to complete the transfer. Once you have the codes for transfer (including the authorization code from the current registrar) you can proceed. The article that was sent to you in the reply above is great to walk you through.


If you have already cancelled the transfer, it can be restarted or refunded, but you will need to contact our customer support with a chat or a call. The link below may help.


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