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A records and nameservers

I have web domain with godaddy, I am using godaddy's name server, but I am not hosting with godaddy, in help they shows what to do but they do not show which ip address is should use?

to elaborate, I have web domain but I am not using web hosting with godaddy, instead I want to make my laptop as web host, for this I have purchased static ip from my isp provider, I have also downloaded 1)Apache 2)PHP 3)MySQL all latest version to my laptop, in Apache httpd.conf file I write  " #Listen my static ip:portnumber" in Virtual host page I write <Listen My staticip:port>

My isp shown me how to do port forwarding, in godaddy manage dns in A record @ I write my static ip,  and in list forward domain I write My staticip:port, but same is not working,

I have changed in Apache I have kept same static ip, in A record I have written my local ip, this also do not work, 

I have changed in Apache also I have mentioned my static ip and port, same is not working, 

So you can understand I am completely frustrated, now which ip  I have to use?

In short I want to make my laptop as web host, how I can make?  Nothing is working, is this because I am indian?, No proper reply is coming from any where, why? because I am indian?

So somebody feels that just because I am indian I should be not be debarred from electronic usage do show me correct answer, and pull out me from my frustration


Hi @sunipandya



Thank you for your post. I am not familiar with the type of custom setup you are trying to accomplish  but do recommend that you use a proxy network to check your configurations as doing all this from one network will surely cause dns caches which will cause confusion. Also I recommend looking up if you need to use ipv4 or ipv6 A records.


Best Wishes!


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Hi @sunipandya,



Are you wanting to make your website available to the WWW? Or just local to view a site you are building? If the latter then judging by what you have so far installed, you would have been better off downloading XAMMP:


If you want your website to be available WWW you should first register a domain name. This needs to be registered ( then in DNS settings you forward this domain to your static IP address. 

You do not mention your domain name, you only don't need a domain name if you only wish to host your site local (to show a client for instance). If you wish to make it available world wide, then you need a registered domain name.

To first check that your IP is correct try:


You are aware that your site will only be visible whilst your laptop is switched on, though the best operating system (no need for names, we know it's not windows though) allows for wake-on-lan whilst power plug is in (not a problem on a desktop version rather than laptop), so very little power is consumed.

For further info please RTM:


Where you will find all the info you need about server setup. Some good bedtime reading there......